Landscape design for residential and commercial developments

Landscape architects are key team members in development projects. We work to professional standards and integrity and are governed by our professional body, the Landscape Institute . We work with architects, engineers and planners to produce landscape plans for new developments, whether this is residential developments,  supermarkets, commercial developments such as shopping centres, business parks or holiday parks. We provide a landscape design service for public projects such as infrastructure projects and public open space projects. Landscape architects can add value to a project dealing with planning requirements for landscaping and creating spaces that can contribute to the amenity and the success of a project.

Our work  includes hardworks plans and planting plans for the planning and tender stages of projects. This often involves landscape and visual assessment of the development so that the best landscaping solution can be achieved. Planners will expect to see details of the hard and soft landscaping that is proposed as well as details of how the landscape will be maintained in the long term. When producing plans we will consider the most appropriate choice of materials and plants being conscious of financial restraints and the desire for landscapes that will set off the built form and work as vibrant, living spaces.

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