Berry-Head-4Specialist Gardens

Subtropical coastal gardens

We have been involved in gardens in unusual and demanding environments. For example, exposed maritime environments where plants need to be wind and salt tolerant. We have particular experience around the coastal areas of Devon where the relatively frost free conditions allow the choice of unusual subtropical plants.



Biodiverse gardensAllerton-wild-meadow

We consider the surroundings of the site feeling that newly created landscapes should reflect and be sympathetic to their surroundings. The local flora and environmental factors such as soil, topography and microclimate are key factors that inform the design and can result in landscapes that are a continuum of their surroundings. This is desirable not only in terms of biodiversity but also in terms of the long term success of the planting as the plants chosen will be well adapted to the conditions that they have on the site.


 Period gardens

topiary in formal a garden devon

We have considerable experience of designing traditional parks and gardens, often in the context of listed buildings where a sympathetic and informed approach is required. We have knowledge and experience of plants that are appropriate in the context of period buildings. This might involve choosing plants and styles of plants and materials that are authentic to the period and will contribute and enhance the setting of the house.