Wildlife Friendly GardensAllerton-wild-meadow

Many of our clients want their gardens to be habitats that encourage wildlife and include native planting. We have particular experience of developing naturalistic planting, wildflower meadows and ponds.

Bird, Bee and Butterfly Friendly Landscapes

With declining bird and insect populations it is increasingly important that the environments that we create in built up areas provide food and nectar sources. When considering landscape and planting options the ecological context of a site is assessed. This might involves assessing the local flora and fauna, which might involve input from an ecologist. Measures that we take might involve including a variety of berry bearing shrubs for birds and preferentially choosing plants that are good for bees.

Wildflower Meadows

We have experience of wildflower meadows in a variety of contexts. We have specified meadows for coastal habitats and poorly drained pasture for example. The type of habitat and soil will affect the species chosen. We try to source seed with as local a provenance as possible. Crucial to the establishment of a successful wildflower meadow is maintaining it properly with hay cuts at the right time of year. We can advise on how the meadow can be best maintained so that it continues to flourish and look stunning year after year.


We have experience in orchard creation. Whether in the initial choice of cultivars and rootstock or the planting and formative pruning that is involved in creating a beautiful and productive orchard. We can advise on choice of fruit trees for flavour, storage and disease resistance.

Pondswildlife pond with UK native species

We offer a pond design service that offers specification and design of the pond itself as well as the planting and subsequent management of the pond.