The Process

Brief and project outline

Establishing the Brief (free of charge)

An initial (free of charge) consultation can be arranged during which we will discuss your requirements for your garden and start looking at design ideas to meet these requirements. We can discuss feasibility and cost implications of different approaches. We would assess the site in terms of its opportunities and limitations.

Fee Proposal (free of charge)

Based on an the initial meeting described above we would send you a short report outlining what you require from the garden design and how we would approach it. We would set out the different stages of our design process with the fee for each stage. You are free to accept this proposal and engage our services or decline it with no fee charged.

Design Development

Initial Site Assessment

As part of the initial consultation we would assess the site. This would include an assessment of the potential and restrictions that your site might impose. We would take notes, take some measurements and take photographs.

Outline Plan

This would be a coloured. plan showing the various elements of the design. This plan is the basis of further discussion about design ideas and feedback from the client will enable us to develop the more detailed level of design.

Detailed Design

This is where the nitty gritty of the design is worked out and will result in the production of a Detailed Layout Plan and a Planting Plan as well as Construction Design and a Specification

Detailed layout Plan: this sets out the nature and extent of the hard and soft surfaces in the design; level changes: retaining structures; boundary treatments; garden buildings and landscape features. Annotated labels refer one to the accompanying specification where more details are given about particular materials.

Construction Detail

This is a technical drawing showing the contractor the construction of structures in the design. This might be a section through a retaining wall or a plan of a bespoke bench for example.

Planting Plan

Locations and numbers of plants are shown on the plan. There is also a plant schedule included on the plan listing the form and size of each plant species/cultivar used in the plan. Planting notes are also included to guide the contractor in the preparation of the ground and planting and plant support techniques


This sets out the details of all of the materials and structures used in the design. This follows convention (We base ours on National Building Specification) and provides the contractor with all of the qualitative information and sourcing information about each product.

Implementing the Design

The Tender Package and Quotation

We work with preferred contractors who we know to be reliable and who have a pride in their workmanship. Because we will produce a comprehensive tender package consisting of industry standard drawings, schedules and specification you know that the price that is quoted by a contractor will deliver the standard of quality that you require.

Management Plans

Often clients ask for management plans for their garden. These describe all of the operations that are required over a five year period to maintain the planting and hard landscape elements of the garden.